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We are a petroleum and renewable fuel marketer operating in Oregon and Southern Washington

Fleet Fueling and Direct Delivery

Fleet Fuels specializes in direct fueling of equipment and vehicles, saving customers money and time:

  1. Employees have more time to focus on what you do best

  2. No out-of-route miles to the fuel station and waiting in line on the lot

  3. Reduce administrative expense by eliminating management of fuel cards for each vehicle and increase control with daily electronic itemized delivery tickets

  4. No on-site bulk fuel storage required, saving insurance expense, equipment expense, and creating a safer work environment

  • Fleet Fuels truck arrives at your specified location during your specified delivery window, manages each asset with QR codes to give you insights into fuel consumption, and fuels each vehicle and piece of equipment that needs it.

  • Graphic: Fleet Fuels directly services: Truck Fleets; Bus Fleets; Construction Equipment; Special Event Generators; Critical Infrastructure Generators; Landscape Equipment; On-Site Fuel Tanks; Refrigerated Trailers (Reefers)

Commercial Fueling

Fleet Fuels services businesses of all sizes and all industries, from on-site bulk tanks receiving 10,000 gallons per delivery, to local-route truck fleets using 100 gallons per day. We have the expertise, supply, equipment, and personnel to meet your unique fueling requirements.

Fleet Fuel Chart.png

Premium Diesel

Fleet Fuels believes in quality and runs a baseline product to our customers of Premium Diesel treated with Schaeffer Oil’s CarbonTreat which third-party lab tests have proven saves 2% to 4% on fuel economy and reduces maintenance costs by extending the life of fuel lines, fuel injectors, and fuel filters.

Renewable Diesel

Fleet Fuels is proud to provide Renewable Diesel to customers seeking to meet environmental goals and reduce their carbon emissions. This drop-in renewable solution can reduce the carbon intensity of your fleet by over 50%. Water-clear Renewable Diesel is chemically identical to petroleum diesel, made from renewable feedstocks, and burns cleaner.

All Liquid Products

  • All Grades Gasoline

    1. Regular

    2. Midgrade

    3. Premium

    4. Higher Ethanol Blends

  • Distillates

    1. On-Road Premium Diesel

    2. Off-Road Premium Diesel

    3. Winter Blend Diesel

    4. Bio Diesel

    5. Renewable Diesel

    6. Kerosene

    7. Home Heating Oil

  • DEF – Diesel Exhaust Fluid

  • Ethanol

    1. E-85 Flex Fuel

  • Bio

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